Market segment

Cefour´s pre-filled products are geared to a clearly defined market that primarily fall into the following segments: events, travel and hotel industry, fast food and catering as well as tax free and grocery stores.

Most customers operating in these segments today are already making use of disposable items today, but normally fill their glasses from bottles or bag-in-boxes. By using Cefour´s prefilled disposable glass – ready to drink – the serving will be a lot faster, easier and you do not have to take care of empty bottles after service, which of course otherwise must be handled.

Where to use?

  • Festival organizers, exhibitions / events, markets, entertainment and conference organizers, stadiums and arenas.
  • Airlines, ferry lines, train companies, hotelchains (mini-bars and pool bars).
  • Fast food industry (salad bars, burger restaurants etc).
  • Retail industry/grocery stores, duty free shops.