Cefour: ”Selected By Glass” – Rosé wine

Cefour: ”Selected By Glass” – Rosé wine

Article: Wine/rosé.

Ready-to-drink wine glass, 187 ml. With Stem.

The glasses are greatly suited to open-aired events and other occasions where glass or glass bottles are not suitable or to make the catering more effective. Our selection contains a choice of wines, including Merlot, Rosé Syrah and Chardonnay in pre-filled and sealed plastic wine glasses under the brand ”Selected By Glass”.

The glass is also available without stem where the stem has been replaced with a “base” on the cup, which gives the glass a high stability for industries such as the air and train traffic. (see picture below).


Article: Wine/rosé.

Ready-to-drink wine glass, 187 ml. Stemless.

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